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  • !I am not fit to wear your SHOES, I have my OWN!

    Have you ever wondered why you never seem to fit in? You always seem to do things different than others. You are always called "the strange one" lol. Well, the good news is that YOU ARE, and you need to get comfortable with that. We tend to want to follow the latest trend. Whatever may be the latest thing out there. Sometimes when we do not have a clear vision for our own lives, we end up following what everyone else is doing. For whatever reason, the crowd always seems to be the most attractive, because they give a sense of unity, which we all know that is not always the case. Sometimes true, but not always. Many of us are familiar with the famous saying "take a walk in my shoes". It is a saying that most people say when they want others to relate to what they are going through. This was the inspiration behind the title of this blog. It's ok to relate to people and be compassionate. However, no one can fully comprehend the depth of an individual except for the creator Himself. Even twins, as much as they look alike have different finger prints. Being UNIQUE is a good thing, and we need to learn to accept our differences while APPRECIATING others differences as well. Let me introduce you to a man named David. A shepherd boy, a man God called "a man after my own heart." The one that was left behind by his own family because he did not seem to fit in. One thing I love about David is that he was so confident in God's call for his life that he was willing to let the king know (king Saul) that he could not fight Goliath using his armor ( 1 Samuel 17v39), but he had to use what God gave him. In the natural realm, David sounded and looked crazy. However, we learn from this story that God will use what he has given to us, not matter how small or insignificant it may seem to others. Long story short, David defeated Goliath with what was given to him by God. If you have never read the story of David defeating the philistines in the bible, I encourage you to take some time and do so. It is a wonderful story that depicts how God does not look at the appearance or credentials of a man to qualify them, but He who created us knows what we need to be VICTORIOUS! We need to become so comfortable with what God has given us. You may not do things like everyone else, but you have something that God placed in you! You are not a MISTAKE! So, if you sing, sing like no other. If you have a restaurant, serve your clients like no other. Whatever it is, no body can do it like you! Always remember that. This is why your DIFFERENCE is so important!


    If we are all honest with ourselves, at some point in our life, or several times in our life we have had situations that have made us so broken, that it seemed, or still seems irreparable. Especially as born again believers, when we have done all that we know to do biblically. When the world is watching us and cannot seem to comprehend how a Christian got themselves into that mess. When friends and family start asking you questions like ; "But, I thought you were a Christian?" Yes, those days when someone calls you because they need encouragement, and you look at your own life and wonder "how in the world can I encourage someone else when I don't even want to get out of bed." I am talking about stuff that have lasted years, and are still not changing. I am talking about situations that arise out of the blue that you did not see coming. Even though, you prayed, yes, you also fasted, and by the way you did everything according to the book. Why in the world did it not work? You may wonder why I used a flower growing out of the concrete for this post. It is because, naturally speaking flowers don't grow out of a concrete. You need fertile ground to grow any type of seed. Similar to the image, sometimes we find ourselves in situations that seem to have buried us, and we cannot find our way out. What if we all did like Samson and asked the Lord for one last strength. The strength to pierce through that concrete where life has buried us, so that we can bloom again. Samson got himself in trouble when he revealed his God given gift to the wrong person. If you have time, you can read his story in the Bible. It is found in the book of judges, chapter 14-16. I have always been intrigued by Samson's last minutes on earth ( Chapter 16 v22-31). Imagine the undefeated Samson, now a mockery to the world. Honestly, it seemed over for him. It looked like a hopeless situation. What I love is the prayer that he made to the Lord in V28. Samson asked the Lord to remember him, and to give him one last strength to fulfill his purpose. Reading this story, I have discovered that God is truly merciful: God remembered Samson when he cried out to Him. I also discovered that God never repents of the gifts and calling He placed on our lives: Samson was able to defeat the Philistines in his last days on earth. Lastly, I discovered that God will give us a special measure of His Grace when we ask Him, even though we don't deserve it: God granted Samson strength again to complete His mission. May we continue to lean on God in our toughest times, and continue to ask Him for strength to make it through whatever it is that we are facing.

  • Lessons and Observations during the Covid-19 Lock-Down

    DISCLAIMER: This blog post has been written for informational purposes only. I am not a financial advisor, nor a certified counselor, nor an expert in the subject matter. Please do your own research. Everyone on this earth has been impacted by the Corona Virus. And, to this day, many of us are still being affected directly, or indirectly by the Corona virus (Covid-19). For many of us, it was an unexpected shock of events. Everything we knew, everything that was our life was literally changed in what seemed like a blink of an eye. After three months or so of a mandatory shut down, forced to wear masks, department stores shut down, grocery aisles missing essential items, and so much more. I can go on, but I believe you got the point. In all of this crisis, these are the four lessons I learned from the crisis, and I believe I will hold on to these lessons for the rest of my life. Lesson 1- True Riches Are Found At Home Many people found themselves having to spend more time with family members that they barely saw or interacted with during the quarantine. I read a beautiful testimony of a celebrity who had filed for divorce from his wife of many years prior to the quarantine, but right after the mandatory shutdown, the man withdrew his request. He stated that he was so focused on the wrong things that he neglected the precious gift he had at home. I believe many of us realized the importance of our loved ones during the shut down. We noticed that our immediate family members are the most important if not the most valuable assets we have on this earth. As we move on in life, may we never take them for granted. Lesson 2- You Are More Creative Than You Think During the quarantine, I was not only my oldest daughter's mom, but I had to become her school teacher. Talk about a tough job. I appreciate teachers more because of this experience. In my head, I always thought I would only teach my kids about everyday life, and maybe help with a few school work here and there. But, quarantine definitely has changed the way I interact with my kids (Thank God). I started thinking about a teaching plan on getting my girl to learn her Alphabet and spell her name. I ended up going to the dollar store purchasing posters, letters, crayons, etc. to help her anyway I could. Long story short in a two month period, my daughter now knows all the letters in the Alphabet, and knows how to spell her name. Quarantine literally forced me to think outside of the box. Teaching my daughter was just one of many tasks I ended up having to become creative. Many people I believe experienced this too. I witnessed various creative projects that came out of that that season. People online creating their own masks, starting online businesses, having virtual birthdays, and so much more just to name a few. We all have that creative mindset, and we need to start using it often for the good. Lesson 3- Your Problem Is Not Time, But Discipline Everyone on this earth is given 24h in a day. No one can say that they are not successful because they only have a few hours in the day. It does not compare, it is all equal. During the forced quarantine, we all literally had more time on our hands than before. Those of us who had to drive in traffic, we are now working from home. This change alone, gave us back approximately 2hours in our morning routine. Time is such a valuable gift that I don't think many of us understand its importance. During quarantine many of us finally had the time to start that exercise program (me!), start that business, write that book, need I say more. Basically, if you came out of this quarantine without obtaining, learning, or expanding yourself, than you missed one of the greatest opportunities I believe was given to us. The quarantine was not time for us to watch T.V. and others on social media. There is a time and a place for that, but it should not take your whole entire 24hrs. It was in my opinion, time to cultivate, time to re-plan, and to review many things in our lives. I personally used this quarantine to do things I would have never done if it did not happen. When you exercise discipline, you know the value of your time. Lesson 4- Christ Is Still At The Center This has to be the most important lesson, and should be #1! With all the heartache that came with the Corona Virus pandemic, many people lost their lives (very sad situation). I heart goes out to those families. I am grateful to every essential worker that literally held us down during the shutdown. I noticed that FEAR has taken over a lot of people's lives due to the pandemic. People literally have become afraid to come 6ft of another individual. During the first wave of the pandemic, we were all using Lysol products, hand sanitizers, gloves, washing our hands more often than ever, etc., just to make sure we do not get infected. I remember coming out of CVS, and a gentlemen was walking opposite of me, and he literally jumped on the other side of the walkway so he would not be close to me. I just laughed, because in that moment I said to myself he probably has the disease himself, lol. In all this, there people who are still looking for a permanent solution before things worse. The honest truth is that Jesus Christ is the only reliable, unchangeable, and Savior of the world. Our true security is in the Lord. We can take all the physical precautions possible (Which we should), but are we doing the same in our walk with the Lord? Quarantine was a reminder to keep Jesus at the center of it all. For those who lost their ways to renewal their relationship with Christ. I literally found myself praying more, repenting more, and forgiving anyone I still had a grudge against. Being forced to shut in taught me that Jesus can come back anytime, and I asked myself; am I ready to answer Him if He showed up today? We have to keep our lamps burning (Matthew 25v1-13).

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