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DEFEATED, but one last strength!

Updated: Apr 30, 2023


If we are all honest with ourselves, at some point in our life, or several times in our life we have had situations that have made us so broken, that it seemed, or still seems irreparable. Especially as born again believers, when we have done all that we know to do biblically. When the world is watching us and cannot seem to comprehend how Christian can get themselves into crazy situations. When friends and family start asking you questions like ; "But, I thought you were a Christian?"

Yes, those days when someone calls you because they need encouragement, and you look at your own life and wonder "how in the world can I encourage someone else when I don't even want to get out of bed?" I am talking about stuff that have lasted years, and are still not changing. I am talking about situations that arise out of the blue that you did not see coming. Even though, you prayed, yes, you also fasted, and by the way you did everything according to the book. Why in the world did it not work?

You may wonder why I used a flower growing out of the concrete for this post. It is because, naturally speaking flowers don't grow out of a concrete. You need fertile ground to grow any type of seed. Similar to the image, sometimes we find ourselves in situations that seem to have buried us, and we cannot find our way out. What if we all did like Samson and asked the Lord for one last strength. The strength to pierce through that concrete where life has buried us, so that we can bloom again.

Samson got himself in trouble when he revealed his God given gift to the wrong person. If you have time, you can read his story in the Bible. It is found in the book of Judges, chapter 14-16. I have always been intrigued by Samson's last minutes on earth ( Chapter 16 v22-31). Imagine the undefeated Samson, now a mockery to the world. Honestly, it seemed over for him. It looked like a hopeless situation. What I love is the prayer that he made to the Lord in V28. Samson asked the Lord to remember him, and to give him one last strength to fulfill his God given purpose.

Reading this story, I have discovered that God is truly merciful: God remembered Samson when he cried out to Him. I also discovered that God never repents of the gifts and calling He placed on our lives: Samson was able to defeat the Philistines in his last days on earth. Lastly, I discovered that God will give us a special measure of His Grace when we ask Him, even though we don't deserve it: God granted Samson strength again to complete He's mission.

May we continue to lean on God in our toughest times, and continue to ask Him for strength to make it through whatever it is that we are facing.

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